COBRANZAS.COM sends e-mails with detailed payment information. This will guarantee you that you will be
immediately notified of your payments. To receive these notification e-mails, we would need
your Supplier ID, your address, and some additional information.

This e-mail notification service is free of charge.

Please enter your CUIT (Argentina), RUC (Uruguay), RUT (Chile) or RFC (Mexico):

COBRANZAS.COM does not send payment notification e-mails of the following companies: Nextel, Reuters, Elea, Interbelle Cosmetics, Schering Plough, Pepsico, Hyatt Mendoza, SKF, Calsa, Chevron, Marriot, Profertil, Mc Donald´s México, Mc Donald´s Uruguay, Mc Donald´s Brasil, Cargill México, Cargill Paraguay, Cargill Venezuela, Axis Chile, Pluspetrol Perú, Unilever Brasil and Falabella.

This registration does not include the TECHINT GROUP. If you would like to receive payment notification e-mails of the TECHINT GROUP, please contact:

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